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Maracyn Two (Minocycline) * Broad-spectrum antibiotic for gram-negative bacterial infections in aquarium fish * Effective fish medication for Dropsy, Septicemia, Popeye, and Fin & Tail Rot * Prevents secondary bacterial infections and treats sick fish that will not eat

A broad-spectrum antibiotic for internal or external gram-negative bacterial infections. Effective treatment for fin and tail rot, popeye, gill disease, dropsy, bleeding or red streaks, secondary and internal infections. Also helps treat sick fish that will not eat. Active ingredient: Minocycline. For freshwater, use 2 packets per 10 gallons first day. For saltwater, use 1 packet per 10 gallons first day. Maracyn-Two Powder Freshwater Active Ingredient Each powder packet contains 10 mg Minocycline activity.