Omega Brineshrimp Single 3.5oz

Omega Brineshrimp Single 3.5oz
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Omega Brine Shrimp Omega-3 formula is fed to live brine shrimp before freezing. By doing so, HUFA levels are enhanced to promote maturation and breeding, while increasing disease resistance. Excellent diet for saltwater and coldwater fish, where these special omegas are a must in the longevity of your fish. All Freshwater Algae Eaters, Barbs, Cichlids, Gouramis, Live Bearers, Loaches, Eels, Catfish, African Cichlids, Sharks, Silver Dollars and all Saltwater Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Damsels, Clownfish, Groupers, Eels, and Tangs.