Seaweed Delight

Seaweed Delight
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Seaweed Delight™ a nutritious vegetarian formula is a blend of natural seaweeds, fresh vegetables, natural color enhancers, vitamins, garlic and chlorophyll resulting in a nutritious diet for your herbivorous fish. It has a familiar scent and color to stimulate your fish to feed aggressively. Seaweed Delight™ was developed to accommodate all herbivorous marine, African and freshwater fish species. • Natural Ingredients • Stabilized Vitamin C Fortified • Enhanced with garlic • Frozen fresh no preservatives • Stimulates good growth and enhances the color of your Fish Saltwater Herbivores including:Tangs, Angels, Clowns, Parrot Fishes..Freshwater Herbivores including:Plecos, Silver Dollars, African Cichlids...